2021President’s Day Retreat



2021 President’s Day Retreat

Feb 12-15, 2021


  1. This exciting retreat took place from Feb 12th evening through Feb 15 and focused on meditation and other tools we can use to face ongoing uncertainty in the world around us and become stabilizing forces amidst external turbulence. 
  2. The discourses for the Mind the Gap retreat, led by Vivek Guptaji (Chinmaya Mission Niagara) and Brahmachari Sohamji, focused on three central pillars of meditation: puja (worship), japa (repetition of the Lord’s name), and dhyana (contemplation). Vivekji and Sohamji guided the attendees through lectures and guided contemplation sessions.
  3. All the discourses were streamed live on the CM Niagara channel. The schedule for the retreat is shown below

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