About Chinmaya Mission San Jose

Chinmaya Mission San Jose conducts cultural classes for school children (K-12)study of Vedanta for youth and adults at many locations in the Bay Area.

This is the schedule of Vedanta classes: Discourse Schedule.  All classes are open to the public.

Throughout the year, we celebrate all the major Hindu festivals and events, conduct various Yajnas and camps.

Swami Chinmayananda, affectionately addressed as “Pujya Gurudev” blessed our effort when we acquired the property on Park Avenue in San Jose in 1987. He named it Sandeepany San Jose. Pujya Gurudev sent us the best teacher he then had in India, Swami Tejomayananda, to be the first Acharya of Sandeepany San Jose from 1989 – 1993. Swami Chinmayananda also formally named the organization, Chinmaya Mission San Jose (CMSJ) in 1992.

Krishnalaya, located in the town of Piercy, CA is the main North American retreat center for various camps conducted by Chinmaya Mission centers around USA and Canada. CMSJ also uses this ashram to conduct camps and retreats for children, college students, and adults. Check out the events and activities for more information.

Chinmaya-Tej is published six times a year by CMSJ. You can find current information about cultural school and classes, interesting articles by various Chinmaya Mission Swamins/Brahmacharins and other learned scholars. Please pick up your free copy from Sandeepany.

We invite you to join the Chinmaya Family as members to help us promote, sustain and continue to teach parents and children alike, the Hindu Dharma which is our heritage.


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