The Chinmaya Community Service team provides an opportunity for BV parents and children (high school) to learn yoga techniques for health improvement and stress management.
We introduce concepts of Hatha Yoga and how they help prepare us to study Vedanta. All classes will be taught by certified Yoga teachers trained by Yoga Bharati.
Principal Teacher / Contact: Jayaram Reddy
The practice of Hatha Yoga (commonly referred to as just Yoga) is most popular for its benefits of fitness, health, flexibility, therapeutic value and stress reduction. Hatha Yoga is an ancient technique that was originally developed to help the practitioner calm the mind in preparation for meditation. Along with Karma Yoga and Bhakti yoga, Hatha yoga (which is a subset of Raja Yoga) is just one of the ways to purify the mind in order to prepare it to receive the highest knowledge that Vedanta teachings impart us. Regular practice of Hatha yoga gives us the ability to relax the body and mind, reduce the rapid flow of thoughts, withdraw the mind from the surrounding stimuli and develop a single pointed focus. All these qualities are useful and necessary for a serious Vedanta student. This seva supports the long term goals of the Mission by providing an additional avenue for members to enhance their study of Vedanta.
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