Garbha Samskara

The course melodiously marries the ancient wisdom of our Sanatana Dharma with the present day’s contemporary home dynamic. Offering meaningful insight for how to spiritually nourish the baby in the womb, every family will reap immense benefits from these practices”
— Swami Swaroopananda
Global Head, Chinmaya Mission
The Garbha Samskara course is a beautiful way for couples to prepare for their journey into parenthood. Chinmaya Mission has taken the wisdom of conception and pregnancy that is outlined in our ancient Indian scriptures and has packaged these into an informative, practical 4-session course. This course guides participants through the key developmental milestones/rituals (Samskaras) that when undertaken whilst the baby is in the womb (Garbha) help the parents with health and spiritual well-being.

Course content

The happiness and health of a child depends on the preparation and mental wellbeing of their parents. This starts even before conception and is of particular importance whilst the baby is in the womb. This course shares the guidance given in our ancient Indian scriptures to help with conception, child development, inculcation of noble values and covers:

  • Planning the pregnancy with the right intention
  • Mother: the architect of a child’s life – how to approach this responsibility
  • Redefining labor
  • Understanding the nature of our mind & power of senses
  • Power of prayer and mantras
  • Welcome the baby into the world and post-delivery care
  • This course is tried and tested and many participants have benefited from understanding how and why our traditions can support both parents and baby.

    Who can join and what does it cost?
    The course is tailored for those who are planning on conceiving, adopting, and those that are already pregnant. Ideally, the couple will attend together but participants are also welcome to attend alone or with a friend or family member who is supporting them through the pregnancy. There is no charge to register.

    Where and when is the next 4-session course?
    The next online course will be held on the following days:


    TIME: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Pacific Time

    Please register your interest here and we’ll contact you to confirm your registration.

    Other course dates will be added in due course, so please register your interest if you would like to be informed of these.

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