Geeta Chanting Yajna 2021

Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 2: Sankhya  Yogaḥ – Part 1

Chapter 2 of Bhagavad Geeta shall be the topic of study this year.  We will study this chapter over a span of two years.
Overwhelmed with intense grief and confounded about his duty, Arjuna finally surrenders to Lord Krishna and requests His counsel. Lord Krishna, finding no means other than Self-Knowledge to rescue his friend and disciple from a despondent state, expounds on the nature of the Self and the nature of all beings. Lord Krishna systematically lays forth several reasons as to why Arjuna should not grieve and instructs him to stand up and fight the battle of Dharma! The core philosophies of the various systems of knowledge are expounded in this chapter.

Please note that the participants have to chant the assigned number of verses, based on the applicable group, in order to be evaluated and scored by the judge panel.

Verses Assigned by Group

Group Grade Verses
Anagha Toddler Group (Will not be judged) 1-6
Arjuna PreK-KG 1-8
Bhārata Grades 1-2 1–20
Pārtha Grades 3-4 1–25
Hrishikesha Grades 5-6 1–30
Dhananjaya Grades 7-8 1-38
Keshava Grades 9-12 (Memory) 1-38
Kaunteya* Grades 9-12 (Reading) 1–38
Medhaavi** Grades 1-6 1-38
Parantapa Adults – Memory 1–38
Mahābaho*** Adults – Reading 1–38

Audio Reference– Chanted by Swami Shantananda-Ji

Please watch this recording from 2016 Geeta Chanting Competition to understand the format

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