Geeta Chanting Yajna 2023

Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 3: Karma Yogaḥ

Date: April 8, 2023 (Saturday)

Chapter 3 of Bhagavad Geeta shall be the topic of study this year. Following is the summary of Chapter 3 karma yoga.

In this chapter, Bhagavan Krishna talks about how any action can be a glorious sacrifice if only it is undertaken with the required purity of motive, with a spirit of surrender, and with the deep emotion of love. The chapter teaches how we should do our duty, yet not bound by it. Inaction out of fear of failure, rejection etc is not an option. The chapter dwells into the philosophy of “Karma” and “Karma phala” which is one of the core tenets of Sanatana Dharma.

Verses Assigned by Group

Please note that the participants have to chant the assigned number of verses, based on the applicable group, in order to be evaluated and scored by the judge panel.

Group Grade Verses
Anagha Toddler Group (Will not be judged) 1-10 (All verses)
Arjuna PreK-KG 1-10 (All verses)
Bhārata Grades 1-2 1-16 (All verses)
Pārtha Grades 3-4 1-25
Hrishikesha Grades 5-6 1-30
Dhananjaya Grades 7-8 1-35
Keshava Grades 9-12 (Memory) 1-35
Kaunteya Grades 9-12 (Reading) 1-43
Medhaavi Grades 1-6 (Memory)

(Optional additional group – Will not be judged)

Parantapa Adults – Memory 1-35
Mahābaho Adults – Reading + 3 minute talk on one of the specified set of verses:
Set 1: 3.9-3.10
Set 2: 3.34-3.35
Set 3: 3.38-3.39

Chapter 3 – Reference Audio Chanted by Swami Shantananda-Ji

Chapter 3 – Instructional Audio (Provided by CCMT, All quarters repeated twice)

Video Instructions

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