Rama Navami E-Satsang by Br. Soham Chaitanya

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Hari Om!

Brahmachari Soham Chaitanya, resident Brahmachari, CMSJ performed puja at the Ashram on Rama Navami Day – April 2nd, 2020.

In the evening, Soham ji enthralled a rapt audience with a description  of how Bhagawan Ramachandraji viewed the world when in a situation similar to the one we find ourselves in. Just as we are in a shelter-in-place in the Bay Area, so was Bhagawan Ram ji in Kishkinda during the monsoon season (chaaturmaas). This section is from Kishkinda Kanda from Tulsidas Goswami ji’s Ramcharitamanas.

Ram ji described the scene in Nature and used beautiful metaphors to indicate parallels in a Sadhaka’s life, with a goal to gaining purity of mind. Soham ji provided additional commentary for us to be able to relate this to our lives and situation. Two such metaphors that will linger with viewers is the comparison of a pure drop of water falling to the ground (like a pure Aatma getting entangled with Maya and as if getting muddy), and Brahmacharins chanting Vedas to the croaking of frogs!

This satsang was viewed by a global audience of 360 unique visitors. This was CMSJ’s first E-Satsang and Soham ji’s first public discourse.

A recording of this E-Satsang is available below. Note that after the 46 minute mark, there are glitches in the video due to internet connectivity issues.

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