San Ramon Jnana Yagna – Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

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Day 5

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Day 4

Having covered Jagat, Jeeva, Mumukshutvam and Bondage, journey of Chapter 15 continued with analysis on nature of Ishwara. Swamiji explained to us the homework required on our end to become a true sadhaka, he iterated that ‘Tat Pad Vichar’ is the preparation needed to bring about the true transformation.

The question at hand was: Even if one stops identification with one’s own instruments, how come metamorphosis still seems distant?
Swamiji elucidated the obstacle at this stage of sadhana- ‘Inability to think of others, as the very same consciousness as one’s own self’. It is this ‘otherness’ that continues the doer and experiencer journey. To avoid this erroneous cognition, Acharya walked us through shlokas 11-15 expounding on how to see god everywhere- in divine expressions (Adi-daivik), expressing as individuals (Adhyatmik), expressing as matter (Adi-bhautik), residing in each one’s heart as witness. He alone is the knower, known and means of knowledge. Contemplating this way, one would eliminate the perceived ‘Otherness’  and see ‘Him’ everywhere.  

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Day 3
A wonderful feast to the eyes, symbolizing strength and intellectual prowess, Lord Ganesha garbed in yellow and green blessed day three of the Yagna  The order of displays in the hallway reflected the teachings provisioned in the hall,  The  upside down tree of samsara next to lord Ganesha, the lord of wisdom, detachment  and discrimination in the lobby, served as a constant reminder of the ‘way out’ (of the samsara)  to all those transiting through the hallway. The session started with teachings on nature of liberation, with brilliant eloquence, Swamiji, explained ‘that  illumining principle due to which other principles such sun, moon and fire are known which in turn become the medium for revealing the objects around. Swamiji  also walked us through the journey of jeeva  which goes on from one body to another, just like air gathers and takes fragrance from one location to another. He humorously described our plight, how we go about creating artificial sheaths in addition to the five that exist, identifying with them day-in, day-out, He reminded us that the  way in- ‘using discrimination and detachment’ is indeed the only the way out .
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Day 2
The second day of the Jnana Yagna continued with the same fervor as the previous day. We proceeded from the nature of Jagat to the transmigratory nature of Jiva to the ultimate nature of Paramatma. With dexterity of an artist, Swamiji sketched out for us, the mindset of a true seeker of liberation, the attitude of such a person towards sorrows of life- how such a person questions the nature and existence of entity experiencing sorrow rather than the nature of sorrow itself.  The natural question at the end of this inspirational discourse was ‘what qualifications should I have to make Vedanta shravanam effective for me to have a similar vision and purpose’? To answer this question, Swamiji walked us through the qualifications of a serious spiritual seeker. The depth of the teachings combined with his contagious enthusiasm for Vedanta created an aura of contemplation.
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Day 1
With a strong attendance of over 340 participants,  Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 15, Gyana Yagna commenced at the Community Center in San Ramon on Wed March 1st with Swami Bodhatmanandaji,.  The evening started with a heartwarming reception and poornakumbham to our beloved Swamiji.   
Swamiji started the discourse by explaining to us the perplexing “Tree of Life”. The tree has its roots above and branches below, has no beginning or end and can only be cut by one equipped with absolute detachment. True to his style, he explained the metaphor incorporating humor and depth of vedantic teachings at the same time.
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