Sleeping Bag Seva

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Hari Om!

As we do every year, we watch the leaves turn color and the line for a cup of “hot chai” grow longer at the Tiffin Seva during Balvihar and realize that it is time to re-invoke His blessings and prepare for the Sleeping Bag Seva.

This year, just before the cold and rain spell brought welcome rains to California, Chinmaya Mission bought and distributed 275 brand new Sleeping bags.
Aspiring to live by the Mission Motto, “To give the maximum amount of happiness to maximum number of people for the maximum amount of time”, we distributed sleeping bags at shelters in Palo Alto, San Ramon, Fremont, Sunnyvale and San Jose shelters and non-profit organizations.
On 17th December 2016, a team of 25 volunteer families came to the Sunnyvale shelter and personally distributed 100 sleeping bags. See the pictures at

After the seva, it was gratifying to see our service being accepted by the residents: we could see a sea of green and blue sleeping bags in the hall.

Having given each resident a sleeping bag, we took a tour of the Sunnyvale Shelter and heard about the challenges and services provided to the homeless at the shelter. Around 7.30 PM, wrapped our seva activities for the day. 

2016 Sleeping Bag Service Album:

In HIS Service.


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