Swamini Supriyananda-ji’s visit

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CMSJ was fortunate to host Swamini Supriyananda of Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong Friday, April 12th – April 14th.


On Friday April 12th, Swamini Amma held a satsang on Sita-ji’s role in the Ramayana. It was a wonderful talk for all those fortunate enough to attend.

On April 13th and 14th, Swamini Amma held training for Shishu Vihar, a program conceptualized by Swamini Amma. Shishu Vihar is Chinmaya Mission’s newest creative device to ‘catch them young’; a forum for anyone aged below 4 years. Shishu Vihar is an assemblage of infants, toddlers and young and new mothers for early introduction to spiritual education. Indian tradition being familiar with the significance of sowing ethical seeds early, even as early as the pre-natal stage – Shishu Vihar strives to provide opportunities for this, thereby enabling spiritual development through cultural education. Swamini Supriyanandaji says ‘The little ones have strong retentive power and are quick to learn. The double benefit of mothers also learning is that the rhymes and stories get strongly embedded in the minds of the children. Even three-year-old children can chant the Hanuman Chalisa!’

All photos from Swamini Amma’s visit can be seen here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/RJEdMVifLw9CQFk67 


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