Causes Supported

Donations collected as part of Om Run will be used to support these two charities.

PACE Rachel Palmer <>

  1. To enhance the lives of people impacted by autism, through innovation, exceptional education and compassionate care.
  2. PACE was born after years of futile attempts to work within the traditional system to meet the specialized needs of persons with autism. Starting with 14 students in 1989 and one group home in 1992, PACE currently serves up to 60 students in our K-12 school, houses 36 children and adults in our residential program, and provides children’s services for close to 75 families.
  3. What is PACE providing in addition to support provided in the school systems?
    1. PACE provides early intervention, therapy, school and residential care. In addition to these direct care services, PACE has launched Porchlight, an online module learning platform to provide behavioral resources to parents and caregivers at home.
  4. Who is the residential program targeted for?
    1. The clients residing in our homes are individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer live in their family homes. PACE owns and operates two children homes and four adult group homes licensed to serve residents from 6 to 59 years of age.
  5. Are the services offered for a fee or are they free?
    1. The PACE School receives fees for service from the California Department of Education and the Department of Developmental Services so parents don’t have to pay out of pocket for services. Children’s Services have private pay options but many health insurance carriers cover treatments for those living with autism and other related developmental disorders.


Chinmaya Mission Tamaraipakkam

Two noble devotees of Pujya Gurudev from Chennai donated eight acres of land at Tamaripakkam on 27th June 1984, to be used for spiritual purposes at the discretion of Pujya Gurudev. Pujya Gurudev meticulously planned and gave the blueprints of the unique model of Dhyana Nilayam with a huge 65ft high Sivalinga-shaped dome, a spacious sprawling circular Satsang hall on the ground floor and the Dhyana Nilayam on the top floor.

HariHara Vidhyalaya

Understanding that good education forms the foundation block in the reconstruction of any community, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda established a free Harihara Vidyalaya School in the year 1990 with a vision to cater free education to the underprivileged children of the villages. The school is run by Madras Chinmaya Seva Trust (MCST).

Currently children from 10 villages scanning about 10 km radius benefit from this school which is situated in Thamaraipakkam village, 40 kms Northwest of Chennai.

  • Harihara Vidyalaya has now grown to accommodate 242 children in classes from LKG to 6th standard.
  • Funds are requested to expand the school to 12th grade. They need additional classrooms, a library and computer center.


  • A free school for rural children
  • Serving 10 villages
  • Benefiting 240 children
  • Holistic growth through value education
  • Free uniforms, shoes, books, bags, water bottles and other school material

Recent Updates

  • It’s always heartwarming to see the downstream effect of the fundraising efforts. Here are recent updates from the frontlines where these organizations do life-changing work.

CORD, beneficiary in 2015, Om Run salutes Dr. Meera Krishna; Pranji Lodhia said (Treasurer, Chinmaya Mission West and Board Member, CMSJ),

With the $10,000 raised through Om Run, CORDUSA provided 20% of the cost of the land purchased for CORD Siruvani facility in Tamil Nadu, India. Thanks to this donation, they were able to move to their own center, from a small small rental space.  New center is able to accommodate all their needs including housing the service visit students, Dr. Meera Krishna’s medical clinic and all the CORD activities.

PACE, beneficiary in 2014, 2015: Rachel Palmer, Annual Fund Manager sent us an email recently.

Through the generosity of the Om Run, Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE) continues our mission to enhance the lives of people impacted by autism, through innovation, exceptional education and compassionate care. The Om Run contributions ensure that our programs will provide a brighter future for those who come to PACE for care in our school, preschool and residential homes.
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