Rama Navami Celebrations 2021

Hari OM! The auspicious occasion of Śrī Rāmanavamī is coming up on Wednesday, April 21st.

Rāmacaritamānasa Pārāyaṇa

Leading up to Śrī Rāmanavamī, we will have nine days of chanting (Pārāyaṇa) of Śrī Rāmacaritamānasa.

Dates and timings for Pārāyaṇa will be as follows:
April 12th-April 16th    6:00AM-7:15AM PDT and 7:00PM-9:15PM PDT
April 17th-April 18th    6:00AM-9:30AM PDT             
April 19th-April 20th    6:00AM-7:15AM PDT and 7:00PM-9:15PM PDT
We look forward to your active participation in this Pārāyaṇa as we joyfully welcome and await the Divine Birth of Lord Śrī Rāma.

During  the Parayana we shall have Aaratis during selected episodes (prasanagas). Here’s the information below. Devotees can sponsor one or more Aaratis. Note that the time of the Aarati is not fixed – it will happen when the prasanga is being chanted.

Aarati Prasanga Date
Shiv-Vivah April 12
Shri Ram Janma April 13
Shri Ram Vivah April 14
Atri Stuti April 17
Maruti Milan April 18
Shri Ram Rajyabhishek April 19
Lord Shiva-stuti April 20

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