Donate Shares/Stocks

Donating Shares to Chinmaya Mission San Jose


1) Visit your brokerage (e.g., E-Trade, Charles Schwab, etc.) office.

2) Give written instructions for the transfer of shares from your account to CMSJ (Fidelity) account.

  • Your brokerage should have a standard form for share transfers. If they don’t, you can use the sample below.
  • CMSJ Account Details:
Name of the Brokerage: Fidelity Investments
DTC Number: 0226
CMSJ account number: X05-296546
Name of account holder: Chinmaya Mission San Jose

3) Sign the instructions and hand it to your brokerage staff. PLEASE WAIT TO SIGN THE INSTRUCTIONS. The signatures need to be witnessed by the brokerage staff.  Take the instructions to the brokerage personnel and sign it in front of them.

4) The actual transfer will happens electronically and may take up to a week to be completed.

5) As soon as you submit the transfer request, please notify Chinmaya Mission San Jose by filling out and submitting the form online

Sample Instructions

(to be given to your brokerage)
[Note: These are generic instructions for electronic transfer of shares. These instructions document conservative procedures. Please call your broker and ask for specific instructions for your account. You may find some procedures that give you a little more freedom.] [Name of Brokerage] [Address]

Dear Sir,

Please perform the following transfer of shares on my behalf via DTC.

From Account:
a) Name of the Brokerage ————— You know this
b) DTC Number —————————– Brokerage folks will tell you their DTC number
a) You account number ——————- You know this
b) Name(s) of account holder(s) ——– You know this
c) Name and Symbol of the equity —– You know this
d) Number of shares ———————– You know this

To Account:
a) Name of the Brokerage: Fidelity Investments
b) DTC Number: 0226
c) CMSJ account number: X05-296546
d) Name of account holder: Chinmaya Mission San Jose


_____________________________________ (Signature 1)

_____________________________________ (Print name)

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